Your brand identity

Your brand identity is made up from several key features. Your name, logo and website design all demonstrate to your customers what kind of business you are and what sort of service they can receive. Business is one of the few places where it is acceptable to judge a book by its cover – if your brand doesn’t look professional, why should anyone trust you?

It’s helpful to step back and look at what information you are giving out about yourself and whether that would make you pick up the phone. If the outcome is not the one you want, a re-brand may be in order. Is your brand identity reflected in your advertising graphics? The answer should of course be yes, but here are some useful recommendations.


The colour, or colours, you use to market your company says a lot about you. This may sound silly, but certain colours have connotations that are unavoidable and hard to ignore. For instance, the colour red often provokes strong emotions, whilst blue is more associated with being calm and peaceful. Yellow has positive and uplifting connotations, orange is warm but also cautious, green suggests health and environmental themes and purple reflects wisdom, wealth and royalty. Analyse your company’s core values and make a list of the essence of your business. Once you have that, you can re-consider the best colour, or colours, to represent your brand identity.


We all have a favourite font style, and there will always be the debate about whether Comic Sans really is the worst font ever. Your business font should reflect your business’ key priorities. If your company is very creative, perhaps based in the arts or design fields, a looser, more eccentric font would suit you better than plain Ariel. If you are more corporate however, you want your font to be easily readable and professional, so anything too obscure might put investors off.

Logo image

What does your image say about you? Is it memorable? What you choose as your logo image is what people will associate your company with, so if it isn’t clear, people may avoid your site. Make it unique but simple – anything too complicated and people will become confused or bored. Letters and numbers work well, as well as carefully selected images that relate to the product or service you offer. Think of big brands like Coke and Apple – what makes their logos so iconic?

With all of this in mind, you can transform your company image with just a few image and text alterations. So ask yourself is your brand identity reflected in your advertising graphics and remember to always be thinking about your company goals and values, and put all of that creative energy into your re-design.