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What is bleed in printing and why is it important?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

People often ask What is bleed in printing? The ‘bleed’ is a 3mm section surrounding the edge of our printed dimensions so that all images, text and colour that are intended to extend to the edge of the page can bleed off the page allowing your print to go right to the edge of the paper used.

It’s very important that you consider the bleed when printing text, boxes and other elements so they are not cut from the finished print.


Will printing match print colours on my computer screen?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

In a word No. The image on your screen consists of RGB colours which in effect makes your screen acts as a light bulb, so what you see is known as ‘additive’ colour.

We calibrate our printers to achieve the best colour range possible to match print colours and we will adjust the images before printing if required to get the best quality for you.

What about images created with photo editing software?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

Please provide images created at least 300 pixels per inch or 300dpi. If you have incorporated text, we suggest 400-600dpi.

What is digital printing?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

Digital printing is produced on our digital presses that do not use the printing plates used in offset litho printing. The key benefit is the minimal set-up cost, which means print runs can start from one upwards and also allows you to produce only the number of prints you need.

Another benefit of digital print is that with no plates, it allows for multiple designs and each piece of print to be fully personalised. We hope this helps with your question of what is digital printing.

How do I send my artwork files to you for printing?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

If your artwork files are small, you can send them as an email attachment (under 5mb)

However, if your files are larger (over 5mb), you can transfer them to us by:


or by providing us with a flash memory USB stick, CD or DVD


What forms of payment do you accept?2016-01-26T21:32:57+00:00

Sprint Print accept most forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Electronic transfer – call 01454 852255 for our bank details


How do I place an order?2016-12-30T14:41:03+00:00

You can place an order with us:

  • On our website – click Contact us
  • By telephone – call 01454 852255
  • By fax – 01454 852256
  • By email – at info@sprint-print.co.uk
  • By visiting us at 22 Station Road, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 4PS


Can you do the artwork for my printing?2016-01-26T21:33:06+00:00

We always get asked Can you do the artwork for my printing? Put simply, Yes, we offer full design solutions with our team of in-house graphic designers who can sit with you and find out more about what you require. Once we have an idea as to what you like and dislike, we will design your printed material and show you a proof before getting your materials off to print for you…it’s as easy as that!

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