Just why print still matters to you and your business

People Want Something Tangible

Print still matters, with one of the reasons often given is that in an increasingly digitalised world, people begin to crave something tangible, something they can hold onto, touch and feel.

People want to ‘unplug’ after a day of looking at screens and they’re looking “forward to the opportunity to disconnect and discover” as Joe Pullizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing, recently wrote.

Quality brochure print still mattersIt Provokes Reading Interest

Printed advertising materials have been found to provoke reading interest because print has a tendency to incite the reader to engage with it in ways that digital doesn’t.

“If you have time to read a magazine, then you’re going to really engage with the ads in there,” says Britt Fero, executive vice president and head of strategy at ad agency Publicis. “Print ads should inspire you to look at them even longer,” he adds.

The more engaged the reader is, the more effective the advertising is deemed to be from an advertising standpoint, making print advertising a highly effective means of getting a message across to a business’s target audience.

It Establishes Brand Worthiness

Not that the right digital designs won’t help to establish the worthiness of a brand, but this is something that print lends itself particularly well to, provided of course that it’s of a high quality and aimed at the right target audience.

Time Inc.’s senior vice president of advertising, Andy Blau, says: “Print advertising is a very efficient way of establishing a brand identity and for communicating that to the target market.”​

Digital is a highly effective means of establishing brand worthiness when performed correctly, but because it tends to be more transient than print it lacks some enduring qualities and has a tendency to date more quickly.

An Amazing Experience

When ample time, effort and thought are given to the creation of printed materials, they provide an amazing experience for the reader —one that’s more tangible and permanent, which also that produces a greater impression of importance.

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